About Glenn Ashley Photography

Established in 1992 my business has developed an excellent relationship with companies both locally and nationally for offering photography to suit the needs of the client, both editorial and PR.

I provide Editorial, PR, Corporate, Illustrative, Portrait and Event Photography for a long list of clients around the UK. The supply of the right type of images for my clients being paramount in meeting the requirements of the client.

I am currently the house photographer at Sheffield Arena and Sheffield City Hall as well as one of the club photographers at Sheffield United FC. Additionally I cover work for various other venues and sports clubs as well. I regularly have work published in both the regional and national press as well as work some various PR companies across the UK.

Please get in contact to discuess where we may be able to assist in your photographic requirements, by phone, e-mail or on Twitter @GAImages

Registering for an account is free and we allow instant downloads to be invoiced at the end of each month or you can get an instant price for the image and buy it straight away.

So if we can help in terms of your photographic needs please don't hesitate to contact us.

My current rates are:

First Hour - £125.00
[this includes post shoot editing]
Additional Hours - £65.00
Half Day Rate - £250.00
Full Day Rate - £500.00

Please note, any breach of copyright, improper use of images and image theft is charged at £250.00 per image per use.