Terms & Conditions

When browsing images there is the option to buy an image. All images are for one use at the rates that can be calculated. Multiple uses will require payment upon each use.
You can get an instant rate for the image and purchase straight away. We can off er a service where you can download the images you require and be invoiced each month. Please contact us for details regarding this.

All images are copyright of Glenn Ashley Photography and any use requires the correct fee for use. If you are unsure please contact me to discuss.
All images are there for editorial use. Any request for other use needs to be made for any such use is undertaken. Please contact to discuss this and any relevant fees.

Unauthorised use or copyright breaches will be subject to fees being applied for such use.

Our aim is to work with clients to get the best possible service from the site.
Should you require any assistance please do no hesitate to get in touch.